Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Like Me

Negotiating the bribery!

It is all blurry because the photographer was jumping up and down and hooping and hollering!

You know how your mother always said, "One day you are going to have a child just like you!" Well...I have that child, and he has taught me more about myself than I have taught him about this world. And trust me, that is a lot! He misses out on so much fun, excitement, and accomplishment due to ...... F-E-A-R! It is so frustrating as a parent! Yet, I do the same.
Andrew has been riding on broken training wheels all summer. The fact of the matter is, he has been riding on 2 wheels all summer. My Sweetie finally took the training wheels off, and A decided that it just wasn't worth it. He was afraid of falling...he was afraid of FAILURE! It took these photos for him to actually believe and realize that he was doing it!

Lord, I know that Your Word says that we should not be afraid of anything; that You have plans for us/me; that You would never harm me. Let me be an example to the little boy that my momma promised would come.

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