Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love her!

14 Years of Absolute Bliss

What can I say? We grew up together! He is my prince charming...without a doubt!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The MOST time-consuming trash to treasure yet!

About 8 weeks ago, we purchased this diamond in the rough. (rough isn't a strong enough word)
It was so nasty that our work clothes were removed and thrown away before we entered our own home.

This house has CONSUMED our time, but I am proud to say that it is fixed up, rented to some lovely people, and beautiful.
Here are a few before and after shots...

Living room before...

Living room after...

Bedroom #1 before...

Bedroom #1 after...

Bedroom #2 before...

Bedroom #2 after...

Master bedroom before...

Master bedroom after...

Main floor bathroom before...

Main floor bathroom after...

Kitchen before...

Kitchen after...

Stairwell before...

Stairwell after...

My person favorite: downstairs bathroom before...
(Did I mention that they left us a few surprises?)

Downstairs bathroom after...

After spending thousands of dollars and countless hours working (and cleaning), the house is now a HOME!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fine Motor Encouragement

Fine motor has always been a struggle for my precious O. It has been a humbling experience for this preschool teacher too. Several comments have been made by others about my not working with her enough. If you know me, you know that isn't true. She had a paint brush in her hand before she could speak!

With that said, something just clicked this summer, and she has made wonderful progress.

I found this drawing on the counter yesterday. I thought that it was a colorful man. She giggled and said that it was the girl in the book, Stripes.

Melt my (guilt-ridden) momma heart...

The "R" Family

Sweet Scotty and I had an INSTANT connection with this precious family.

They inspire, encourage, and challenge us to live out the truth.

They are a BLESSING to so many and adorable to boot!

This sweet lady hosted the Bible study that I attended this summer. I

gifted her with photos, but once again....I was the one given the greatest gift!

Did I fail to mention that they are a lot of fun?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last week was a super CRAZY week around our home.

-I finished decorating our "surfing turtle" classroom.
-I met all 17 of my sweet preschoolers.
-A and O had their first full week of school.
-A had his first football practice and his last swim class.
-I started my second part-time job.
-I organized at least 1.000 pieces of felt to be used for teaching darlings Bible stories.
-We sold this rental property. AND bought this one!

Did I mention that I filled a dumpster with the junk that was existing in this house, and another dumpster is being delivered on Thursday?
(Photos to come.)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I did it! I sent my baby to kindergarten! And...she loved it!

A started 2nd grade, and he is counting the hours until he gets to go back. His teacher is very creative and eccentric. He is going to thrive in her classroom.

Can I just say that I love this photo?

And...this one?

This is the face that found me this afternoon.

A difficult milestone for me, but I loved watching my children start these new chapters in their lives. Chapters that God has written just for them!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Vacation Photos

Fresh shrimp that we caught and cooked ourselves.

A's favorite moment

We were so busy exploring the beach/ocean that we only made it out to dinner once. We went to LuLu's. Scott and A entertained the crowd by engaging each other in a competitive hula hoop contest. Scott let his guard done, and A bumped his hoop securing A's victory.

A fisherman and his pink net

O is on her way to becoming a famous sand castle creator.

My favorite experience...waiting for sea turtles to hatch!