Monday, January 25, 2010

O's Pet Adoption Birthday Party

The Invitation ($2.40 for postage):

O's Birthday Pet Adoption
Come ready to adopt a stuffed animal that is in need of a loving home!
January 23 from 1:00-2:30
H Animal Shelter
RSVP Michelle , shelter director

One of the moms actually thought that we ran an animal shelter.
She was a little hesitant about coming.
Little does she know....I am a newly conformed dog dis-liker.
Sweet O sporting her face painting!
At the end of the summer, I stumbled across the garage sale of a former beanie baby collector.
I purchased 12 dog and cat beanie babies for $3.00.
Scotty and I hid the animals all over the house.
I started the party by telling the ladies and gentleman that I received a call informing me that there were many homeless animals hiding around the shelter.
Once the animals were safe in the shelter, the children were allowed to adopt the pet of their choice.
They then took their animals to see the veterinarian and to the Pet Salon.
At the Salon, the animals were bathed and received bows and/or bandannas. ($.87)
The children then helped me fill out their adoption certificates.
I purchased mailboxes from Target's Dollar Spot to use as dog houses. ($6.00)
The children used animal stickers to decorate the dog houses. ($2.87)
They also made a dog/cat collar using pony beads and a scrapbook tag. ($5.27- I could probably make 20 more with the supplies.) The newest member of our family sporting her pink bandanna, bow, and collar.
Scott set up an obstacle course that the children had to complete on their hands and knees. ($0)
We also held a relay race that involved scoops and dog food. ($2.00)
It was REALLY messy, but a lot of fun!
We ended the party with cat cupcakes, ice cream, and presents. ($9.98)

Each child took home her/his new pet, accessories, dog house, Scooby Doo cookies, and a candy necklace. ($7.00)

I also purchased napkins and balloons. ($3.38)

It was a fun, exciting, and inexpensive way to celebrate.
Total Spent: $42.77

I hope that you find an idea that might work for your party planning.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Kitty Cupcakes

We spent last week planning O's 4th b-day party!
We had so much fun, and I will share some of the details on Monday.
Of course every good party has a theme.
Our theme was O's Pet Adoption.
We needed 'creative cat' cupcakes.
I found my inspiration here.
However, we did make ours!O did all of the fun decorating...I just supervised and bit my tongue.
I think that they are full of personality just like my sweetheart!
I learned later that one of the moms is a professional cake decorator.
Yikes....I can only imagine what she was thinking.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

....Like Cats and Dogs

Let me start by saying that these 2 have nothing on ....... these 2!
This is sibling rivalry at its finest!
I know what you are thinking....
that poor little kitty cat!
Well, he does weigh 20+ pounds, and....
He ALWAYS wins!
The joys of being a family, and fighting like cats and dogs!
I encourage you to be a peacemaker today!
Happy Monday!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Like Father... Like Son...Like Grandson

What can I even say....the photos speak for themselves!
Scott's father stopped by this afternoon, and this is what happened!He grabbed his jacket from the car, and the photo shoot continued!
It doesn't take much to entertain this bunch!
A decided to spice it up a little...he added some entertainment!
A children's pastor in the making, or have we been spending too much time in Branson?
What a way to spend New Year's day!