Thursday, July 28, 2011


As I read through various blogs, I am bombarded with the idea of a "perfect" woman, mother, wife, writer, crafter, decorator, and Christian.
I must say that I often feel inadequate. I have even found myself discouraged and determined to join this elite group.
However, I am quickly reminded that we all determine what others see and read.
Who really wants to write about a messy house, screaming toddler, or failed craft project?
In case you have ever placed me in the category (insert laughter), I have written a few things to clear the air.

*If I don't wear prescription deodorant, I will have sweat rings before 10 a.m.

*I have actually found ants in my car. (gross....but true)

*My dog will not eat if Sweet Scotty isn't home.

*I buy things (usually @ Hobby Lobby) that I don't need.

*I start things and don't finish them.

*I let food spoil ALL of the time.

If you know me well, you are probably adding to the list even at this very moment.

Oh. My children don't always get along. In fact, yesterday I asked them to paint a picture of our home and family. Let's just say...they had different visions. The project ended quickly with screaming and made reference to the Red Hats and Blue Hats (Gnomeo and Juliet). FAIL on 2 counts, and that was just a portion of yesterday morning.

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  1. Ok, I SO have you in the category. Actually, I still have you in that category, but I sincerely appreciate your effort to take yourself out.