Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tea Party for Two

Have any of you noticed that I have been really quiet lately?
Well, I have been trying to refocus, catch-up, and prioritize.
I must admit that this crazy blog was taking a lot of my time and attention.
Time and attention that I want directly focused on my precious, sweet children.
With that said...I plan to keep crafting, thrifting, and writing. However, it will probably be less often.
This morning I woke up and decided that the H gals needed to have a fancy tea party.
And...a fancy tea party we had....I really enjoyed watching her try to figure out how to use this contraption.

Yep...this is how I want to spend the majority of my time!
Now, we just need more fancy tea cups!
We will be having a lot of tea parties in the near future.
Would you like to come to a tea party hosted by the sweetheart O?
What memory did you create today!


  1. How incredibly sweet. Enjoy many more tea parties.

  2. Admittedly, I was quite concerned. I thought something terrible must have happened for you to be "gone" so long from your blog. I'm glad it was something as delightful as a tea party. Of course, nothing is as important as that (or lap reading or playing board games or anything else you choose to do with your babies).

  3. Girl... tea party yourself into the ground! lol You take great pics! But you know that!