Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I apologize to all of you who visit to see a thrifty find or craft project. I have been heart-broken and sick for the past week, and my craft closet has remained untouched. Hopefully, I will have a fun "crafty" post on Friday. I have something up my sleeve. However, I also have a MESSY house, floors that are covered in dog hair, kiddos who need books read, and a hubby who needs a well deserved break!
I have always valued the importance of transparency, but the tragedy that occurred within the family of my dear friends has given me the desire to become even more transparent.
Our pastor (aka PS) has been sharing a series called, "REFRESH!"
I have spent the past few days in bed reflecting on the desperate need for a refreshing in my life and relationships.
TRANSPARENT: Our marriage needs a refreshing!
Maintaining a healthy marriage is such a hard task with the demands of jobs, parenting, finances, and sometimes even church responsibilities. PS said something to the effect...the marriage of your dreams takes commitment, hard work, and sacrifices. (Yuck!)
I have vowed to stop focusing on my sweet Scotty's short-comings (I know...it is difficult for some of you to believe that he has any!) and REMEMBER the countless reasons why I love him.
Scott's plate has been overflowing the past week. To top everything off, I have been sick. He has sacrificed so much of himself without complaining to pick up my slack.
This afternoon, O entered my classroom proudly displaying the note that she found in her lunch box. She said, "Fanks for the note momma!"
I just smiled because that special note was written by her dad!
What a guy!
This note was found in A's lunch box!
Isn't he a cutie!
I hope that my transparency encourages you to find "FRESH" love and appreciation for the ones that you treasure!


  1. I am right there with you. I think this fresh series is AMAZING and I cant wait to BUY COPIES of it and give it to people I know. I NEVERRRRR do that but it really has changed Bill's and my thinking and outlook on many aspects of our life. We are coming up to our 18th anniversary married and we know everyone needs to be refreshed at times. If not, things go sour fast!

    Your hubby is your STUD so SHOUT IT! lol

  2. Good to hear! Needed that! =)