Thursday, July 22, 2010

Before Skipper, I...

-screamed less.
-vacuumed A LOT less.
-danced less.
-giggled less.
-stepped on soggy, half-chewed raw hides less.
-used a lent brush less.
-researched the life expectancy of mutts less.
-spent less $$$.
-loved less.
-saw the lights in my children's eyes less.Happy Friday!


  1. What an amazing photo Michelle. Skipper is a sweetie (I think?) At least he looks sweet. And he likes to dance with you, that's sayin' sumthin' :)

  2. Awesome it and it is so true about our pets! Love the pic too! =)

  3. We have one of those...his name is Winchester and I totally understand!

  4. Aww, he's just adorable!! This was a cute post. I found you today while hopping and am glad I did. I host Furry Friends Friday each week, a pet linky party. Be sure to bring him over and share!=)