Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Deana

My dear friend asked me to take a few photos to document her lose weight and conquer her "issues".
I have known Deana for less than a year, and she has truly inspired and loved me when I so desperately needed it.
Here are photos of this Beautiful (with a capial B) woman in the middle of her journey.
She has lost 47+ pounds in 3 months.Deana blogs about her life at Deana's Daily Dose.
Warning: she is HONEST, transparent, and (in her own words) unfiltered.
Thanks for being a part of my life Deana!
Please don't kill me for posting these photos...just know that I wanted to post more!


  1. Ha! You are amazing Michelle! Only you would I trust to take pics anyway! You did an amazing job even with the subject! ha!

    I love being your friend and I hope I dont corrupt you in the end! bahahaha! Love you!

  2. How wonderful Deana! Way to go girl!!

  3. Deana is an awesome lady and I have grown to love her! Way to go Deana!!!!