Friday, October 9, 2009

Family Store

Every week my children have the option to earn a little bit of money. We use Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Jr plan. It is working great in our house. However, I was really tired of watching my children spend their dollars on junk. I decided to start a family store. It is stocked with garage sale, clearance, and craft items. The store opens every Sunday evening which just so happens to be pay day. The items on the top shelf cost $.50; the items on the middle shelf cost $1; the items on the bottom shelf cost $2. My kiddos really look forward to shopping in my store because they can get more for their dollars, and it is stuff that is chosen with them in mind.It was interesting the other day when Andrew found something labeled $.50 on the $1 shelf. It was a great way to educate him on how the retail stores make money. They buy something at $1, and then charge us $2.
The Family Store is a hit at our house!

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