Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yard Sale Finds

This Saturday, I managed to get out of my warm, snugly bed, and garage sale in the cold rain.
Here are a few of my finds which made it all worth it!
I just fell in love with this old, rusty yellow shelf which is in fact missing the shelves. The nice owner of this treasure gave it to me....
I am pretty sure that no one had even given it a second look, and he wasn't about to take it back into his garage. Yeah for me! I payed $4.00 for this mini wagon. It will be perfect for photos. In fact, I just might use it this afternoon!
I already own 2 great old scales. I paid $1.00 for each of these I officially have a collection.
I read a "thrifty" mom's blog a month or so ago. She referenced this book A LOT! I actually searched for it on Amazon, but it was $15. So...I decided to pass.
Scott found it in a box of books for $.50. I have read it front to back, and let's just say that I will NEVER refer to myself as a "Tightwad". This is HARD-CORE...let me say that again.....HARD-CORE money saving strategies! I am obviously not HARD-CORE! I am just a novice. However, I did find a few ideas that just might fit our lifestyle.
I think that I am going to come up with my own "idea" list for saving money.
Strategies that work for our family.....yet wouldn't make it into this book.
Maybe tomorrow's post.....?

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