Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dick's Five and Ten

Let me start by saying....my Scotty has the highest moral standards, and he has NEVER walked away from God's plan for his life.
If you think that the following photos could dampen your opinion of him...please don't continue to read this post!
Several people have encouraged us to visit Dick's Five and Ten while in Branson.
Both sets of our baby boomer parents love this store.
Needless to say, we ended up visiting this "dime" store over the weekend.
Scott and I just couldn't figure out what was so special about this jam-packed, competitively priced store.
We found ourselves laughing at the baby boomers who were tickled pink about a game, candy, hand-kerchiefs, and anything else that they never thought that they would find again. The folks in this store were down-right giddy.
Then I watched as Scott ran up to me with a bounce in his step and a smile on his face.
He proclaimed, "Look what I found....REAL candy cigarettes!"
Yep...he paid $0.39 cents a pack for these candy memories.
He did walk into a store with one in his mouth, and ask the owner about their "smoking" policy. It definitely crossed over into obnoxious!

He also begged for a quarter to put into the "Measure your Lover Personality Type" machine.
And....I had to pull him out of the store in a tantrum over a replica of the Christmas story lamp!

What childhood memory would you hope to find at Dick's Ten and Dime?


  1. How funny! If I had found these candy cigarettes I would have bought a pack too. I love the taste! lol.

    We boomers remember the dime stores of the past and getting to spend our nickles and dimes that we got for our allowance. The crowded aisles, the old fashioned items...ahhh!

  2. SO funny! It looks like a quirky/funny shop! I would probably love it! =)

  3. Ah yes - definitely remember the candy cigarettes. Gotta love memories.

  4. Funny! I shared this with Jason and he cracked up :)
    He shared a memory with me about the candy cigarettes and penny tootsie rolls from his dime store.