Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few years ago, I started thinking about how much garbage our family was creating.

We used to put out 2 COMPLETELY full trash cans each week.

A also began to question our lack of concern for recycling.

I took it upon myself to change my family's wasteful habits.

We started slow, but now it is our way of life.

The idea of consuming less was very over-whelming for us at first.

Here are a few things that our family does to reduce the amount of waste that makes it to the curb.

We do not buy bottled water. I purchased these wonderful water bottles from Target last year. We fill them everyday, and they are ALWAYS in our lunch bags. The kiddos have their own smaller version too. Environmentally friendly and thrifty to boot!

Yes...those are cloth napkins. We purchase very little disposable paper products. In fact, this year, I only purchased toilet paper and 8 rolls of paper towels. I use regular plates and cups for parties. I even pack a cloth napkin in A's lunch box.

Of course, we recycle as much as possible. Recycling is difficult where we live. There isn't a good program in place, but after quite a bit of research I found a company that will recycle all plastics (with the exception of #6).

The kids used the recycling to create robots and airplanes this week in case you are wondering!

We only buy energy efficient light bulbs, and we have noticed a difference in our energy costs.
We also compost!

And....we shop second hand!

It is amazing how natural a "green" lifestyle is to us thrifty chicks!

We now only put out 1 trash can, and it is never over half full.
How can you reduce the amount of garage that ends up on the curb?

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