Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Homemade Christmas- 1

As I was thinking about a "homemade" Christmas, I remembered my friend, Nancy, telling me several years ago about her favorite Christmas gift.
It was a gift made by her dear, creative sister.
She had taken Nancy's favorite scripture verse and made it into a piece of art.

Nancy sent me this photo of the gift that she received 4 years ago. It now has a place of honor on her mantle.

Nancy told me that this homemade gift is one of her greatest treasures.

You see....Nancy's sister is Karen. Read more about Karen here.

There isn't an expensive, store-bought gift that could ever measure up to this "homemade" gift.

I encourage you to make a gift or write a letter this Christmas.

It will save you money, and leave a memory!
Thanks Nancy for letting me share your treasure!

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