Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Exact Amount

I have shared this story with only a few people, but I really believe that God wants me to share it with all of you who stumble across this blog....or those of you who for some strange reason, read it on a regular basis.

Scott and I ALWAYS believed that our children would attend public school. We have no major issues with public schools; we both attended public schools; I taught for several years in a public school; a large number of my best friends are public school teachers.

However, as the time approached for A to enter Kindergarten, I could not find peace about it. I prayed and prayed, and yet I never felt like the local public school was what God wanted for our incredibly shy A. However, Scott wouldn't hear to any other ideas. He really struggled with paying for our child to attend a private school.

I decided to apply for a position at the preschool where O would attend. I was offered the position and without even knowing the pay, I accepted. I then managed to convince Scott to at least explore CA. We set up a time to observe, and Scott fell in love with the principal, the beliefs, the curriculum, and before I knew it he couldn't even think of another option. It helped that I would have added income. Signing the papers brought such a sense of peace to this momma.

The private school costs of $370 a month, and it is worth EVERY penny! Our shy A is thriving, loved, and comfortable!

I just want to show you the pay check that I received yesterday. Trust me....I work REALLY hard for this small amount of money!

I also get a 50% discount off of O's tuition which is $65 per month.

$318.61+$65.00=$383.61...just enough to cover A's tuition!

I am always amazed at God's faithfulness!


  1. I'm so glad you found the perfect place for him with God's help. I say that every day about my A's school! I couldn't have asked for a better place for her to fit in and I'm so glad your A found the right place too :)


  2. Isn't that just like Him?!!! I love that story!