Sunday, November 15, 2009

The New Love in My Life

It has happened AGAIN!
I have fallen in love.
His name is......
This cutie is the first irrational, spontaneous decision that Scott and I have made in 12 years!
I hope that I don't regret it!

This is my 100th post. I think that I am going to celebrate by giving something away.
I haven't quite figured out what, but I promise that it will be creative and cheap!
For a chance to win this unknown prize, leave a comment before next Saturday at 9:00 am. Your chances of winning are pretty high. So...start commenting!


  1. Another cool thing to do for your 100th post is to post a list of 100 things about you. Or your family. Or making crafts. Or things you're thankful for. Or family memories. Or quotes. Or Bible verses. You get the idea. :)

  2. Did you actually get a dog? I thought you did not enjoy dogs! What is going on? He is super-handsome. He looks like he could make a dog-lover out of anyone. Your 100th post-- my first comment (though you know I am a regular reader). See what a prize incentive can do!