Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Unforgettable, Yet Affordable Christmas

Many of our family and friends have been hit incredibly hard financially this year. Several have expressed the financial and emotional burden that the fast approaching holiday season brings. I think that we focus too much on the materialistic side of Christmas. (surprising?) I sit back and marvel at all of the expense and burden we put on ourselves. I plan to creatively address this glorious season and all that it entails.
My first suggestion and call to action is to address our lengthy gift-giving lists. What a great time to finally have those HARD family discussions about cutting back! My list is short because we tackled this subject MANY years ago.
Here is our simplified, bare minimum list:
-Our kiddos
-My parents
-My brother and sister-in-law (This is always a homemade/creative gift.)
-My grandparents
-Our children's teachers (We only give gift cards.)
-Mail Carrier & Trash men
I plan on spending as little money as possible while giving more of myself than ever before, and TRULY celebrating the birth of my Savior!
Do you have creative ideas for simplifing your Christmas gift list? I would love to here about them!

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