Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My mom was here on Monday morning. This was the perfect opportunity to hit a few of my favorite thrift stores.

I gave $2.00 for this adorable Harvest Blessings sign. I found a few games for $1.50. We LOVE to play games on these long, dark nights.

I found this tiered shelf thingy for $1.00. It is really dated, but nothing a good ol can of black spray paint can't fix.

These buckets were $.25 each. I plan to use them as a part of my Christmas countdown.

I gave a total of $6.00 for this stack of photo/scrapbook albums. I love to give photos as presents, and I have plenty of pictures to fill them!

I bought this fingerprint kit to add to A's Christmas.

I paid a total of $1.80 for the hodge podge group of treasures. I loved the rustic tall trees. I can't decide if I want to change them or not. I love vintage ornaments, and I couldn't pass up these 3 for $.25 each.

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