Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Shelf

Today I decided to tackle the room that has been driving me C-R-A-Z-Y!

It is teeny tiny-9'X10', and stuffed to the gills.

I woke up this morning wanting a white shelf that would accommodate baskets of toys. However, I am on a budget, not to mention trying to save for Disney. So, I decided to check at a local thrift store, and this is what I found for $16.99.

I have plans to dress it up a little.

With the shelf purchased, I jumped head first into the chaos!How can a room filled with such adorable things look so awful?

After 2 hours of intense labor, this is how it looked at 2:16 on Wednesday afternoon. I wanted to pass out in the middle of the room and take a nap!

How sweet is this purple and pink room?

I have read countless articles about labeling toy baskets with photos.

Well, I will let you know how that works out at our home.

The photos are printed and ready to go on the baskets.

Can you read the sarcasm?

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