Monday, September 28, 2009

Shout Out to Ms Becca

This week's Shout Out goes to the one loved by all...Ms Becca.
This is the only photo that I have of Becca. It makes me laugh, and it is a true testament to her adorable personality. It was taken at this year's Outrageous Prom Night (Dress the Decade that You Were Born).

Every now and then, you meet a person and there is an instant sense of connection and teamwork. We have experienced that with many people who have partnered with us in children's ministry over the years. Ms Becca is one who definitely makes that list. Becca's sincere love and concern for the children she encounters is truly inspiring. She has a true gift from God which allows her to connect with them while maintaining control. Scott and I can not even begin to say thank you enough for all that she has done the past few months.

She is loved and respected by the kiddos and parents alike.

We love you Ms Becca. Your love, dedication, talents, and sacrifices don't go unnoticed. Thanks for being one of our partners on this exciting journey.

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  1. The people of our small church (<200) where we were married (and my kids were born and raised) adored all of the children in their small classes. As a result, my kids felt lost as we visited around to different churches and as we joined the huge mass of people at SCCC. Becca has warmly loved both Ethan and Allie and she makes them feel important, especially to her. I'll always be thankful to her for that. :)