Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, today I entered a new stage in my life. I am officially a working mom. I have been blessed to stay at home full time with my treasures for 6+ years. My miniature photographer took this photo of me before leaving the house this morning.
Isn't it just awful?
Did I forget to put mascara on my right eye?
Well, I never claimed to be a make-up artist.

Let me explain.....

Saturday, we visited a state park, and we had the opportunity to climb on enormous rocks. I would like to tell you that I fell off of one, and pulled a muscle in my back.

Instead, I have to explain to you that while walking down a perfectly straight trail, I tripped and pulled that muscle. I managed to make it through Sunday, but I spent Monday on the couch.

Did I mention that I had to start my first job in 6 years today?

I woke up this morning, and I was still in excruciating pain. I had no idea how I was going to be able to spend over 4 hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

As I was driving, the local Christian radio DJ read a verse out of the Bible. He talked about how when we are doing exactly what God wants us to do obstacles come. The details are really sketchy in my mind.

I said this prayer; "God I believe that I am exactly where you want me to be. You are going to have to show up and help me through this day."

When I stopped to put gas in my car, I realized that I was pain-free. God healed me! I was able to sit through that meeting today pain-free.

I believe that Satan tries to distract us when we are on the course that God has for us.

Is Satan trying to distract you today?

I am rejoicing in the fact that God is bigger than all of that liar's distractions!

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