Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Punkins dad can't grow "punkins." He also calls them punkins instead of pumpkins. Last fall, we tossed our rotting jack'o'laterns into our compostor. This spring, Scott sprinkled the compost in a corner of our yard.
Much to our dismay, a pumpkin vine started to grow and grow and grow.
When my dad saw the vine, he said, "You are growing cucumbers not punkins!"
Being the encourager that he is, he responded to the blooms by saying, "You aren't going to get any fruit!"
When small green balls started to form all over the vines, he said, "You are only going to have tiny punkins!"
Well folks....this photo speaks louder than a thousand words.!
We grew A LOT of relatively large pumpkins!
The vines are still covered with green balls and blooms.
My dad is in denial!
Here is a photo of the new pumpkin farmer holding the first of his harvest.

Every good pumpkin farmer needs a good pair of Crocs to wear with socks.
When I took this photo, he said, "I KNEW that you were going to take a photo so that you can make fun of me on your blog!"
What can I say....he knows me well!

Now, we have to figure out what to do with all of these "punkins."

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