Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ministering to Our Children's Teachers

Last year at A's preschool, I had the opportunity to participate in a group that recognized and ministered to the teachers. Each month, I was encouraged to recognize A's teachers in a simple, inexpensive, yet creative way. (For example: notes of appreciation, small gifts, snacks, etc) It was such a blessing to me, and I think that it was a great encouragement to his teachers as well. I realized how important it is to acknowledge the men and women who are pouring love, time, and knowledge into our children. This is also a great way to teach our children to become more appreciative and to value the people in their lives. What a great life lesson! We may not agree with our child's teacher, but that doesn't mean we can't be a blessing to him/her. I am going to continue with small expressions of gratitude this year even though there isn't an organized group. I encourage you to think about uplifting and ministering to your child's teacher this school year. As a teacher, trust me when I say that you will never know how much these dedicated men and women value your thanks and encouragement.

This is what I am sending to A's teacher this week. I found this cute idea at

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