Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Stage

Today was the day. The day we entered a new stage. I dropped my precious baby boy off at kindergarten for the very first time.As I was driving him to school this morning, my mind drifted to a similar drive that Scott and I made 5+ years ago.
A drive that marked a new stage in our lives.
A drive to the hospital resulting in the birth of our perfect, new baby.
I remember having so many questions.
What kind of baby will he be?
What kind of mother will I prove to be?
Today as we embarked on this new stage, I had similar questions.
What kind of man will he become?
What kind of mother will I prove to be?
At this stage, I am pretty confident in the answers to these questions.
Is he perfect?
Am I perfect?
But....we serve a perfect God!
Thank you God for guiding and teaching us during this first stage and all of the stages that follow!
He was so very brave today, and he LOVED kindergarten!