Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Tomb

I don't know about you, but I am sometimes overwhelmed at the task of raising Godly children...especially when they are yelling at each other, saying unkind words, or being downright disobedient.
-I want them to be giving, but conservative with their money.
-I want them to be respectful, but stand up for what they believe in.
-I want them to be independent, but completely dependent on God.
-I want them to be compassionate, but I don't want them to get walked all over.
-I want them to be and feel successful, but I don't want them to be prideful.
-I want them to love, but I don't want their hearts broken.

Every now and then, I am encouraged. A just brought me this lego creation. He told me that it is the tomb where Jesus was buried. The lego with the butterflies is the rock that was rolled away. He said, "Jesus is not inside. He is alive!" God, you see how overwhelmed I am at the task of teaching A and O Your ways. Continue to open my eyes so that I might be a light for You. They are yours God, and I will continue to remind myself of that!

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