Friday, August 28, 2009

Dollars to Disney Update-Week 2

Our weekly savings and extra income for this week=$174.00
-Our family LOVES Six Flags. In fact, last year we went there at least 6 times, and our kiddos were 2 and 4. We all REALLY wanted to go to Six Flags on Saturday, but we decided to go to a state park instead. Total savings=$109.00
-Our favorite baby turned 1 this week! I LOVE to buy fun gifts and wrapping that matches the b-day theme which happened to be Curious George. However, I remembered something that I bought on clearance a while back. It is not Curious George, but he will like it. So, the money saved on baby C's gift=$15
-Extra income from taking family photos this week=$50
It was a busy week, and I am proud of the sacrifices and creativity that we used!
Thanks for all the money saving ideas and advice. It is hard for me to find new ideas that I haven't been using for years. I am already so cheap that finding extra ways is proving to be quite the challenge!
I am starting to think about Christmas.
I am certain that I can squeeze more out of my money around the holidays!


  1. I just went to a couponing class on Thursday and although you probably know these ideas, I'm going to share them anyway!

    First of all, Schnucks and Food Giant double their coupons up to $.50 every day. K-mart occasionally has doubles week and doubles coupons up to $1.00.

    At Target, you can actually print coupons off in the store and you can use a Target coupon AND a manufacturers coupon on one item, even if it's already on sale or clearance. Also, Target has 'peelies' which are a coupon-like sticker that they stick on random items that you can peel off and use for another item.

    At Walgreens, you get register rewards for the amount of money you spend. You can't use them on that transaction but if you do another transaction at the same time, you can use the coupon on the second transaction.

    Some websites for printing good coupons are,,, and

    I didn't know this but if you have two coupons for an item and it's buy one get one free, you can still use both coupons because you're buying two items.

    And of course, wait until things go on sale plus use a coupon and your saving skyrocket. My friend who taught this class had a $70 bill and paid only $1.14. Another time she had a $65 bill and paid $11. She also pays tithes on the money she saves which I believe is why God blesses her with favor to find all these good deals.

    She has found so many good deals that her husband is building extra storage in her basement and she is donating things to charity. If that worked for you, you could use things for Christmas presents!! She gets things like candles on sale so I think it would be doable to create Christmas presents out of the good deals you find.

    Sorry if you've heard all of this before but it is news to me and I love sharing it!!

  2. Thanks a bunch Elissa! I didn't know all of that! Yeah! There is ALWAYS something to learn!